• O-O-O Market
    Date: Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 November 2019
    Open: 11:00-18:00
    Venue: Urasando-garden 2nd floor

    2-day indoor market on one weekend in Omotesando, Tokyo. You can enjoy shopping baby and kids' clothes, hand-made accessories, sustainable-living goods, lifestyle items. Mom & kids welcome. Diaper changing room available.


    1oth sunday special
    “Begoma Dojo”
    Free Event!!! Everyone is welcome!!

    Begoma Dojo

    10th Sunday 11am-6pm
    Numabukuro Begoma Club​

    Rental begoma available
    At the parking space outside

    *It will be canceled if it rains.

    Begoma is a Japanese traditional spinning top.
    It's a kind of ancestor of Beyblade.
    This is a very traditional Japanese children's game.

    Just say ‘Chicchi no chi’, then you throw it into a barrel(Toko).
    You can win if yours can spin longer than others or spring them out.

    The best thing about Begoma is everyone -old and young men and women can enjoy together.

    It's beacuase it depends on one's luck to win or not, actually.
    We really want you to experience this fantastic play at our Begoma dojo.

    It should be fun!

    Special cooperation by
    Numabukuro Begoma Club/
    They usually do volunteer activities at local festival, elementary school, Roppongi Hills, Hanayashiki(Asakusa) and more.

    Mikio Ban Oil painting exhibition

    Oil painting exhibition by Mikio Ban who is an artist living in Takayama-city, Gifu.
    An prize-winning work of this year will be exhibited.




    9th & 10th 2pm


    Mr.Hase, a beekeeper,
    talks about nature of Hachioji(Western Tokyo), sustainable agriculture, beekeeping and natural honey.

    *Available in English on 9th.



    Hand-printed art t-shirts & clothes for kids and family

    ‘Children are growing up so fast,
    they play a lot and they get clothes dirty right away. So, we don’t want to buy high expensive clothes for kids, but there are the same kinds of kids’ clothes everywhere…’ I heard things like that from my friend who has a little kid. Then I’ve started making family t-shirts as daily clothes. I'm so happy that so many families are enjoying my products now. Ship worldwide.

    Website: Kodomoparadis
    Instagram: Kodomoparadis

    produced by &Farm YUGI

    Pure natural Japanese honey「green honey」
    -UNHEATED, ANTIBIOTIC-FREE, Chemicals reduced by 50 percent

    Tama New Town is the largest residential development in Japan. A vast extent of land which is still stranded from development is our base. To revitalize this town by agriculture, young adults in their twenties at that time build a farm there. 10 years go by since then, times are changing slowly but surely.
    We're aiming: 1)to make comfortable place to live for bees, 2)to reduce usage of chemicals and replace into alternative, 3)never make honey and beeswax artificially.
    We hope to provide our products which bring a happy feeling to you.

    Small(50g) 500yen
    Medium(130g) 1,250yen
    Large(230g) 2,200yen

    Website: https://greenhoney.fio8.com/
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/fio.hachioji/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fio.hachioji/


    Wood crafts, Wooden tableware

    HACHINOWA is a small workshop located in village of Hachioji, Western Tokyo. That is in a small stock farm where was once YUGI-MURA(Yugi-village) in the past. We do everything ourselves: hewing down trees, sawing and hollowing out a piece of wood on a turning-lathe. And we're planting trees ourselves for keeping sustainable woods.

    A vessels made by raw wood has a unique design one by one. As the finishing, I'm using beeswax which peers in the same field made.

    Facebook: hachinowakka


    Origami jewelry

    Kamihoseki, meaning 'Paper Jewels' in Japanese, is a small independent brand that creates unique and beautiful handmade jewellery inspired by the Japanese art of Origami.

    Paper jewellery :
    Each piece is handmade from Japanese origami paper, set in high quality findings of either 14k gold filled or sterling silver, and finished with a combination of lacquers and non-toxic resins over a period of several days ensuring that - whilst the delicate nature of the original paper is preseved - Kamihoseki jewellery is both durable and waterproof.

    Pure silver jewellery :
    Each piece is handmade from PMC (precious metal clay), fired in a kiln.
    All designs are my original, inspired by botanicals and famous origami shapes like cranes.

    Instagram : kamihoseki
    Facebook : kamihoseki
    Twitter : kamihoseki
    Website: kamihoseki

    ※9th only

    Sweet Dream Baskets

    Handmade baskets for pets

    SDB is the only brand worldwide using up-cycled t-shirt yarn and crochet hook to create baskets for pets. Our technique and patterns are all original. We were inspired by ancient tapestry patterns as well as modern styles and symbols.

    Custom order is available on that day. You can order with your favorite color and designs.
    Main items 8,000-10,000 yen

    Instagram: Sweet Dream Baskets


    Little Koppe-pan sandwiches

    I’m Afrojoy. JOY (jyoi) means a female doctor in Japanese. So, I’m a gynecologist and also a baker. I bake little coupé breads myself and make original sandwiches using 100% Japanese grown ingredients as possible.
    Now I'm planning to make special Autumn sandwiches for this event : chestnuts sandwich, mushroom sandwich and more.

    ※10th only


    Hand-made PinBack buttons, accessories, plush toys and embroidered goods

    Work center Hikawa / Atelier fucca

    Lovely hand-embroidered & hand-painted goods and accessories. All products made by intellectual disabled person at work centers of Shibuya, Tokyo. (Sales of these products will go to their wages.) Once you pick up the items, it absolutely makes your heart warm. 

    Instagram : Atelier fucca
    Facebook : Atelier fucca

    ※9th only


    Urasando garden 2nd floor
    4-5-12, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    *Near Tonkatsu MAISEN
    *Closest exit Omotesando satation: A2

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